Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I want to give kudos to a company in this post. www.drinkclick.com Click Espresso Protein! This stuff is usable in so many ways and it gives you a protein kick to so many things without a ton of added sugar! You can make ice cream with it, I've made no sugar added espresso pudding with it, I make hot and cold coffee and spice up hot cocoa drinks with it. It's so versatile! My Patrick is diabetic and a 911 communications officer, so it has been essential for us to find something that fills him and keeps him energized to do his job while not making his sugar skyrocket or causing energy crashes. This stuff gets it done! They have mocha in caf and decaf, and they have vanilla. We prefer the full caf mocha flavor, it really is delicious!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sometimes you feel like cooking or baking and just don't have ingredients to work with. This is a great time to work out some of the things you would like to make when you do have them. Come up with funky ideas to change the classics. That is what I'm going to be doing right now.